Kate and Katherine Catch up + Featured Book GEMINI FALLS by Sean Wilson

Today our featured book segment is brought to you by Affirm Press and we are delighted to be talking to Sean Wilson about his debut novel GEMINI FALLS (2022).

Sean Wilson is a writer, playwright and communications professional from Perth, Western Australia. His short stories have been published in Australian and international journals, anthologies and literary magazines including Island and Narrative, and he was previously shortlisted for the Patrick White Playwrights Award by Sydney Theatre Company. He now lives in Melbourne with his fiancée. Gemini Falls is his first book.

Kate and Katherine discuss:

Upcoming events

  • Katherine hosting an in conversation with Allen C. Jones at Eltham bookshop (VIC) Thurs November 17th BOOK HERE
  • Kate hosting an in conversation with Inga Simpson at Readings Hawthorn (VIC) November 10th BOOK HERE (cricketing commentator/general expert Geoff Lemon will join)

ID: a black tile that says ‘Introducing Gemini Falls Sean Wilson’. Affirm Press logo is shown. There are two images: one is the cover of Gemini Falls (a photo of a boy in a field in a darkening sky. He is dressed in casual/workers clothing circa 1930’s. A wooden shack is also partly visible). The other photo is of a white man with glasses on.

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