Featured book NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS HERE by Heather Rose

This episode our featured book segment is brought to you by Allen and Unwin and we are delighted to be talking to Heather Rose about her memoir of loss and discovery, NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS HERE.

Heather Rose is the Australian author of eight novels, writing for both adults and children. Her books have been shortlisted, long-listed or won awards for literary fiction, crime fiction, fantasy/ sci fi and children’s literature. Her seventh novel – The Museum of Modern Love – won the 2017 Stella Prize and the Christina Stead Prize and her most recent, ABIA Fiction Book of the Year. Heather lives by the sea in Tasmania.

Heather’s debut book recommendations are:

4 thoughts on “Featured book NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS HERE by Heather Rose

  1. Hi Katherine and Kate (I’ve not met you in person but I think you’re fabulous). I’ve just listened to the Heather Rose interview and I found it so moving and whole hearted in both questions and answers from Heather. I had no idea about her personal health issues and Katherine you handled them so sensitively it made me so proud of you 💕. Heather is one of my all time fave authors and I’m just waiting for her book to arrive today…woohoo. Keep up the great work. Much love, Sue xx


  2. Hi Katherine and Kate, I just listened to your interview with Heather Rose and I was so impressed on many levels. Firstly, the questions you asked Katherine were so well crafted to get the best responses from Heather, who is one of my fave writers of all time. The other was the combination of intensity, lightness and joy in Heather’s answers. The tips I got from listening to you both are invaluable. Your podcast has gone from strength to strength and I’m so proud of your work. (I feel like I know you Kate and will meet you one day I’m sure). Katherine, you are a star, well you both are ⭐️⭐️ Sue


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