Kate and Katherine Catch Up Plus FEATURED BOOK My Sweet Guillotine by Jayne Tuttle

Today our featured book segment is brought to you by Hardie Grant and we are delighted to be talking to Jayne Tuttle about her second work of literary auto-fiction MY SWEET GUILLOTINE (2022).

Jayne Tuttle’s first book was Paris or Die (2019). Paris or Die was developed into a solo theatre show with director John Bolton and performed in 2021 and 2022 in a variety of venues including La Mama in Melbourne.

Jayne graduated from the Lecoq theatre school in 2006 and went on to live and work in France as an actor, voice-over artist, playwright, translator and bilingual copywriter.

Jayne was awarded the Eric Dark Flagship Fellowship in 2021 from the Varuna Writer’s House.

You can find Jayne Tuttle on Instagram and Facebook.

Kate and Katherine discuss:

IRL events

  • Katherine interviewing Allen C. Jones (Her Death Was Also Water) Thursday 17th Nov 6.30-8pm at the Eltham Bookshop – book here

ID: black tile with yellow font: introducing My Sweet Guillotine, Jayne Tuttle. This episode is supported by Hardie Grant. Two photos are included: 1) the cover of My Sweet Guillotine and 2) Jayne Tuttle, a white woman with blonde hair wearing black and leaning against a dark wall.

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