Kate and Katherine Catch up + Featured Book Forty Nights by Pirooz Jafari

This episode our featured book segment is brought to you by Ultimo Press and we are very excited to be talking to Pirooz Jafari about his debut novel Forty Nights.

Born in Iran, Pirooz Jafari migrated to Australia more than two decades ago as an ambitious photographer. His experience of witnessing violations of human rights of every imaginable kind throughout his childhood, adolescence and young adult life in Iran ignited a passion in him to pursue legal studies and Pirooz graduated as a lawyer in Australia in the summer of 2003. Pirooz has since worked in various community-based organisations and statutory bodies. Forty Nights is his first literary fiction novel.

Kate and Katherine discuss:

Upcoming events

Stories to Save the World: the new wave of climate fiction with Alice Robinson, Kate Mildenhall & Lee Kofman. Thursday 21st July, 7pm. Doncaster Library. Free

Kate and Katherine at Antipodes Bookshop. Thursday August 4th, 6-8pm. Tickets here.

Kate is running a Publishing and Pitching workshop for the Peninsula Writer’s Club Sunday 7th August, 10am-3pm.

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