Masters Series: Hazel Edwards + Featured Book: The Golden Book by Kate Ryan

This episode our Featured Book is The Golden Book by Kate Ryan.

Our Masters Series interview is with Hazel Edwards.

Hazel Edwards is an award-winning author of books for children and adults. Her beloved picture book series There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake has been hugely popular for almost forty years, inspiring a musical stage production and a short movie. Though that might be her best known work, Hazel has published over 220 books, across a wide of subjects and genres including easy reading books for newly independent readers, her memoir Not Just a Piece of Cake, non-fiction including Authorpreneurship (on the business of creativity), Writing a Non-Boring Family History and Non-Boring Travel Writing, plus multiple collaborations.

Our conversation covers:

  • Making a living as a writer
  • Working with an editor
  • How technology dates in books
  • Why you need to continue to grow as a person in order to write
  • Advice: Don’t write a novel about a novelist writing a novel about a novelist writing a novel…
  • Mentoring
  • Collaboration including this joint authorship contract template from the ASA
  • Co-writing F to M The Boy Within with Ryan Kennedy
  • Co-writing Hijabi Girl with Ozge Alkan

Larrikan Puppets has adapted Hijabi Girl into a puppet musical, which will premier during Book Week on Tuesday 23 August 2022, 10:30am at the Kingston Butterbox Theatre in Brisbane. Book Here. Hazel will attending the premier performance.

Instead of a debut book, Hazel recommends Australian authors Sherryl Clark and Sophie Masson.

Other writers Hazel recommends are: A Macca’s Memoir by Michele Layet, Blindness for Beginners by Maribel Steel, The Hidden Diffability by Lyndal Kennedy, Second Chinese Daughter by Shirley Fung.

ID: Black tile with the words: Introducing The Golden Book Kate Ryan. The cover of The Golden Book is shown and has the back of two young girls walking. There is a photo of the author, a white woman with bob-length hair and her hands on her hips, smiling.

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