Masters Series: Andy Griffiths on writing for children, collaboration and how much anarchy is the right amount of anarchy

This episode Katherine talks with internationally best selling award winning author Andy Griffiths.

Andy Griffiths is one of Australia’s most popular children’s authors. He and illustrator Terry Denton have collaborated on more than 33 bestselling books since their first title, Just Tricking, was published in 1997.

In Australia, Andy and Terry’s books have sold over 10 million copies, won 80 children’s choice awards and 10 Australian Book Industry Awards—including Book of the Year for The 52-Storey Treehouse in 2015.

Their much-loved Treehouse Series has been embraced by children around the world and is now published in more than 35 countries.

Katherine and Andy discuss:

  • How Andy had to learn control in his writing
  • The use of logic in humour and how you don’t need to try to be funny
  • How much anarchy is the right amount of anarchy
  • Schools as a training ground for writing
  • Question asking, lists and creative techniques
  • Collaboration, and how he and Terry Denton work together
  • Audio books and how you bring an illustrated book to life
  • His favourite bad review
  • Why you can’t set fire to cats

ID: A white man in a red t-shirt with a grey cardigan. His arms are folded and he is smiling with his mouth closed.

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