Kate and Katherine talk great books, great listens and other inspiring things

Image: A yellow tile with black writing says ‘great books, average juice and being blissfully unaware that (another) lockdown is just around the corner…’

Kate is on a high from reading Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead and has managed to wrangle an interview. Katherine did a juice cleanse (doesn’t recommend).

Here’s what else gets mentioned:

Kate’s vision for The Mother Fault (an exercise with Charlotte Wood)

As allegorical as Charlotte Wood’s The Natural Way of Things

As sexy as Eimer McBride’s The Lesser Bohemians

As pacey as Jane Harper’s The Dry

As ‘wild and unfamiliar’ and brave as Geroge Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo

As precise and beautiful and new in language as Zana Fraillon’s The Bone Sparrow

With children as respected and richly imagined as in Romy Ash’s Floundering

A love letter to place like Tim Winton would do

With underlayers/metaphors like in Sophie Cunningham’s Geography

Inviting readers to self-reflect, ask questions, reflect on the world we live in – like Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West or Jane Rawson’s From the Wreck

Sigh. And THAT is why The Motherfault is such a good book, people.

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