YVWF: I Didn’t Plan it That Way with Sally Hepworth

Sally Hepworth is the New York Times bestselling author of six novels, most recently The Good Sister which was an instant bestseller. Her novel, The Mother In Law has been optioned for a TV series by Hollywood actress and producer, Amy Poehler. 

Sally has lived around the world and previously worked in event management and human resources. Her novels are available worldwide in English and have been translated into 20 languages and she’s got a huge presence on social media where she both regularly reads out her one star reviews, gives writing advice and wears a variety of excellent knits.

Sally lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and three children.

Sally will be appearing at the Yarra Valley Writers Festival to talk review culture with Jessie Tu and Declan Fry and then to discuss her latest book The Good Sister with Kate Mildenhall.

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