YVWF: I Didn’t Plan it That Way with Meg Mason

Meg Mason began her career at the Financial Times and The Times of London. Her work has since appeared in The Sunday Times, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sunday Telegraph. She has written humour for The New Yorker and Sunday STYLE, monthly columns for GQ and InsideOut and is a contributor to Vogue, ELLE, Stellar and marie claire.

Her first book, a memoir of motherhood, Say It Again in a Nice Voice was published in 2012. Her second, a novel, You Be Mother, in 2017. Her most recent novel is of course, the critically acclaimed and best selling Sorrow and Bliss released in 2020. She lives in Sydney with her husband and two daughters.

Meg Mason is appearing at Yarra Valley Writers Festival with Rick Morton and Madeline Ryan in Can Your Love Make Me Better?

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