Kate and Katherine aren’t talking about lockdown

This episode Kate and Katherine aren’t talking about lockdown. Instead, they have a recommendations of things to buy, read and ROCK OUT TO, plus some podcast listens. If you’re in lockdown yourself this episode is a comforting accompaniment to little people asking you questions ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOREVER AND IT WILL NEVER END


Listens – Podcasts and Power Ballads

Gracie and Etta’s Lockdown Rockout Playlist

From Now On – The Greatest Showman Roar – Katy PerryHit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat BenatarMost Girls – Hailee SteinfieldMasks, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs – Quarantine QueenThis is Me – Keala SettleFly Away – Tones & IPitch Perfect finale Dance Monkey – Tones & IGood As Hell – LizzoDo it Like the Zombies Do Downtown – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

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