The art of the interview and Cass Moriarty who is the most generous and supportive author you will ever meet

In this Kate and Katherine discuss the art of the interview.

Agony Aunt Charlotte Wood answers this question:

How do you keep believing in a manuscript and yourself, in the face of rejection. I know in theory that what I have written is okay. But any rejections I receive seem to bear so much more weight in my mind compared to the positive comments or interest I’ve received. Any tips for keeping pride and faith in your work when it’s out in the query trenches.

AND we talk to Brisbane author Cass Moriarty, who, if you want a lesson in how to Be in the literary world, you should follow and observe on Twitter or via her blog.

Cass Moriarty lives and writes in Brisbane. Her debut novel, The Promise Seed, was longlisted for the International Dublin Literary Award, and shortlisted for the 2016 People’s Choice category and the 2013 Emerging Queensland Author category in the Queensland Literary Awards.  Her second novel, Parting Words was released by University of Queensland Press in August 2017.

Cass has a Bachelor of Business – Communication degree from Queensland University of Technology, and has worked in public relations, advertising and marketing. She and her husband have six children.

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