Catch up and Kay Kerr on #ownvoices, pandemics and the joys of waiting

This week’s a coming-out-of-lockdown catch up!

Firstly, the important news, The Mother Fault has a cover and it is BEAUTIFUL:

The Mother Fault

Also discussed:

Then Katherine talks to Kay Kerr, author of Please Don’t Hug Me.  

Kay Kerr. Kay is a former journalist and community newspaper editor, now freelance writer from Brisbane. She has written for publications including Peppermint, Organic Gardener, Broadsheet and Daily Life. She lives with her husband and daughter on the Sunshine Coast.

They discuss:

First time quick five…. 

Agent or no agent – agent

Advance or no advance – advance

Published in ANZ or overseas as well – ANZ

Festival invites or no festival invites – Festival invites

No. copies sold – N/A

Favourite novel by a debut author- There are two!  Anna Whateley’s Peter Lyre’s Rating Normal and Lisa Fuller’s Ghostbird.


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