Want to be on our podcast?

Dearests. We all need something to get us through these strange and sometimes scary days.

We are (obviously) great believers in a good chat, and we are also keen on spreading the love right now, so we’ve come up with something we think you are going to like.

We want to hear from you and your writer friend. We want you to chat any aspect of writing that takes your fancy (just like we do each episode) and we will publish your convo as a special episode in our Conversations with Friends series.

Send us an email hosts@thefirsttimepodcast.com by Tues 31st March 5pm and tell us:

  • who you both are (short bio is fine, including links to your work)
  • a couple of dot points re what your conversation about writing will cover (Anything writing! Process. Publication. Not being published. Feelings. Editing. Rejection. Launch cakes – whatever!)
  • how and when you can record your 30-40 minute convo (skype etc is fine, we’ll just need a WAV or mp4 file)

Got a question? Send us an email, or get in touch via twitter @thefirsttimepod.

We’re anticipating having room for 6 episodes in the series, so spaces will be limited, but we’ll endeavour to let you know ASAP.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay well.

K&K xx



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