The Virus and Robert Lukins on Adrian Mole, libraries and literary nemeses

The hosts talk about The Virus – what they’re doing, what you can do and the importance of writing, even if it’s just a journal in dot points.


Then Katherine talks to Australian author, Robert Lukins.

Robert Lukins debut novel, The Everlasting Sunday, was published in Australia by UQP/Penguin Random House in 2018 and in Italy in 2019.

His work has appeared in Crikey, Overland, The Big Issue, Rolling Stone, Broadsheet, Time Off, Inpress, and other odd places.

Favourite novel by a debut author:  The Bonobo’s Dream, Rose Mulready

The First Time quick five 

Agented or unagented – Agented

Advance or no advance – Advance

ANZ or overseas rights* – Overseas

Festival  invites or no festival invites –  Festival invites

Copies sold – Don’t know.

*We’ve had the belated realisation that there’s no consensus on what this question means!  We meant did it sell into an overseas territory but it could also mean did you sell overseas rights to your Australian publisher or not.  Oops!  There goes our comprehensive data set.

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