Reflections and the end of season two

This is it for the year, friends.  We tried to get an awkward Christmas photo –check out Awkward Portraits here–but the line at Preston market was too long.  So, the one above instead, instead.  We talk highlights and favourites.

Best reads and listens of the years:

Kate’s favourites:

  • Disappearing Earth, Julia Philips
  • The Need, Helen Philips
  • Ghost Wall, Sarah Moss
  • The Underland, Robert Macfarlane
  • Night Fishing, Vicki Hastrich (on writing)
  • Helen Garner’s diaries (check out Alice Robinson’s review
  • The Cost of Living, Deborah Levy
  • The Glad Shout, Alice Robinson’s
  • A Constant Hum, Alice Bishop  

Best listens:

  • Three Women, Lisa Taddeo
  • How to Fail with Elizabeth Day
  • Loved finding Big Magic and the Magic Lessons podcast from Elizabeth Gilbert


Best reads:

  • Fleishman is in Trouble, Taffy Brodesser-Ackner
  • Three Women, Lisa Taddeo

Best Listens:

  • The Dream
  • The Drop out
  • Making of Oprah
  • Making of Beyonce
  • Dolly Parton’s America
  • The Upgrade

Also: Great post by Fiona Robertson on twitter looking back on her year and noting how common it is, especially for writers perhaps, to think about all they failed to achieve at the end of the year. She says:

Our milestones are so easily forgotten, as we constantly shift the goalposts.

Also mentioned:

  • Written in Stone, Philomena Manifold


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