Travels & Ben Hobson on book tours, soundtracks & second books

Katherine’s been gallivanting in NY and London. So was it all champagne soaked publisher lunches? Katherine’s adventures were partly for new book research and she had the wonderful help of The Neilma Sidney Travel Fund. Check it out! Fabulous opportunity from Writers Victoria and it’s open RIGHT NOW!

And just how much candour is too much? We spill the beans on when we’ve said too much and why we’re trying to keep some of the powder dry.

Then Kate speaks with Brisbane writer, Ben Hobson.

Ben Hobson is a writer and teacher. Born in Gippsland, Victoria and now lives in Brisbane with his family. In 2014 his novella, If the Saddle Breaks My Spine, was shortlisted for the Viva La Novella prize, run by Seizure online. His short fiction has been published by Tiny Owl Workshop, Firewords Quarterly, and Midnight Echo. His debut novel, To Become a Whale, was released in 2017 and was longlisted for the Indie Book Debut Novel Award and the 2018 People’s Choice Award QLD literary awards.

In their meandering conversation (amid the laughs) Ben discusses:

Ben’s advice to writers? Do not place all of your identity on your art.

And his recommended debut novel? Robert Lukin’s The Everlasting Sunday.

Find out more about Ben on his website or youtube channel or follow him on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Travels & Ben Hobson on book tours, soundtracks & second books

  1. Awww, how incredibly nice. I listen in to the lastest episode on my way into work and it’s the wonderful Ben Hobson and then I get a mention. Thank you, so very honoured. Great episode, gang!!


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