Publicity & Alison Manning on what goes on in writers’ heads.

This week, Katherine and Kate discuss what happens the week after your book comes out. Kate talks about her first festival gig in Byron Bay, where she spoke in front of a crowd of oh, about four hundred people and Katherine gives the low down on her television appearance (check out her three and a half minutes of fame here).

Then Katherine talks to writing coach and counsellor, Alison Manning. Alison runs A Mind of One’s
 Own, a boutique practice that specialises in helping writers overcome the psychological and emotional barriers to working at their best.

Alison talks about how and why she started working with writers. The idea came from a discussion Alison had with her friend Charlotte Wood. Yes, that Charlotte Wood (The Natural Way of Things). Charlotte said, ‘Everyone teaches the craft of writing, but what you really need is someone who can help you with your mind.’ Check out Alison and Charlotte’s podcast series, where they delve into this topic further.

[Also, remember how Jane Rawson mentioned going to sports psychologist for this very reason?  If you haven’t listened to our episode with Jane (and Annabel Smith), do. It’s got lots of great advice.]

Katherine and Alison discuss:

  • Why, when your book comes out, it isn’t all unfettered joy.  Where are these complex emotions coming from?
  • Dealing with criticism and/or rejection
  • Being compassionate with yourself
  • Putting effort into what you can control, i.e. your relationship with your work.
  • Public and private self
  • Fragmentia, what it is and how to deal with it
  • Imposter syndrome
  • The challenges of success

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