Welcome to S6! Plus Featured Book The House of Now and Then by Jo Dixon

Oh it’s exciting to be back. It’s a typically BIG ep as we kick off Season Six and we go lots of places: summer fishing, social media blackouts, teeth, horoscopes, childhood confessions, exciting 2023 news (which we can’t actually tell you…yet) and a bunch of things we’ve been consuming.

Our Featured Book segment in this episode is brought to you by Harlequin Fiction and Harper Collins. We are delighted to be talking to Jo Dixon about her debut psychological thriller THE HOUSE OF NOW AND THEN.

Jo Dixon has been a dental assistant, an event co-ordinator, a travel agent, and has run an online shop – never really believing her passion for writing could lead to anything. In 2015, while living in Bangkok with her husband and kids, she completed an MA in writing-realising along the way that she had to stop procrastinating and just finish a novel.

Over ten years ago Jo moved from Meanjin, Brisbane to rural Lutrawita Tasmania where she now writes full-time while wrangling a property and immense gardens. The House of Now and Then is her debut novel.

Jo recommends the debut novel Last One at the Party by Bethany Clift

Find Jo Dixon on instagram or her website.

Throughout this ep mention:

  • Masterclass – Katherine’s been listening to David Sedaris, Dan Brown & Chris Voss

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