Masters Series: Allen C. Jones

Allen C. Jones is an award-winning writer from California. He has lived and taught in Spain, Mexico, Korea, China, and presently serves as associate professor of literature in Norway. He earned an MFA in poetry from the University of New Mexico and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. His work appears widely online and in print (check out Allen’s novel, Her Death Was Also Water, was published by Midnight Sun Publishing in November 2022.

They discuss:

  • Early writing life
  • His debut novel, Her Death Was Also Water
  • The portrayal of masculinity in the character of Deacon
  • Writing in a constrained setting, i.e. where all the characters are on a boat
  • Houmour and how it works
  • Metaphor mapping and playing writing ‘games’

Allen’s advice:

  • Worst advice (for him) – Write every day
  • Best (for him) – Put your butt in the chair

Debut book recommendation: The Animals in This Country by Laura Jean McKay

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