Kate and Katherine catch up plus Featured Book CUT by Susan White

Our Featured Book this week is Cut by Susan White and the segment is brought to you by Affirm Press.

Susan White is a doctor and a writer. As a clinical geneticist, Susan hunts for answers to undiagnosed genetic conditions in children. Her first novel for younger readers was Take the Shot, published in 2019. Her new novel and first for an adult audience is, Cut, which was shortlisted for the Kill Your Darlings’ Unpublished Manuscript Award in 2017. Her writing has been published in The Big Issue, The School magazine, Melbourne’s Child magazine and The Reader anthology from the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

Sue shares a mash up of Charlotte Wood’s and George Saunders; advice – Listen to your inner voice and follow the heat of the story.

Recommended debut book: Kathryn Hore’s THE STRANGER

Catch Sue at upcoming events: Robinson’s The Glen 22nd September in conversation with Filip Vukasin

Kate and Katherine catch up on their latest adventures



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