Claire Christian on pleasure, rom coms and writing good sex

Claire Christian is a storyteller: a writer, theatre-maker and facilitator. She has had four plays published by Playlab, including Lysa and the Freeborn Dames, which debuted at La Boite in 2018. She also directed Michelle Law’s smash-hit comedy Single Asian Female. Claire co-hosts the podcast My Mate Reckons. Claire’s debut novel, Beautiful Mess, won the Text Prize in 2016. It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake is her first novel for adults.

Kate and Claire (joyfully) discuss:

  • why Claire loves working with (and writing for) teenagers
  • the differences between playwriting and writing a novel
  • finding a box of Dolly fiction in an op shop and falling in love with romance
  • being profoundly influenced by reading the book Come Together by Emlyn Rees and Josie Lloyd
  • listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talk about ‘paying attention to the conversations that keep coming up’
  • why it’s important to see yourself and people like you – in books, on social media
  • what women said about what pleasure looks like in their lives in the survey Claire conducted
  • writing humour
  • writing good sex (hint: it’s all about logistics) a topic we also cover with Krissy Kneen
  • balancing collaborative projects in theatre with the solo work of writing a novel
  • why Claire’s Instagram is so excellent (and full of joy)
  • what Claire learnt about vision boards and intention setting from The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte
  • (PSA: for a number of reasons I have not included a list of ethical porn sites, but check out this recent list)

Advice to writers:

  • ‘You can’t teach boxing unless you are prepared to get in the ring’: Be vulnerable and be prepared to go where your character needs you to go
  • Write the thing that you WANT to write
  • You are a writer if you are sitting in the f**ing chair and you are doing the writing

Claire recommends:

In at the Deep End by Kate Davies

You MUST follow Claire on instagram and check out her website for latest happenings and to get in touch.

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