Michael Brissenden on journalism, good stories and (our favourite topic) rejection

Michael Brissenden has worked for the ABC for more than thirty years. He has been a political journalist and foreign correspondent for the ABC since 1987. A two-time Walkley Award winner, Michael is now a reporter on the ABC’S 4 Corners. His debut novel THE LIST was published in 2018. DEAD LETTERS, his second novel was published in 2021.

Our conversation covers:

  • Early journalism
  • How playing music is like writing
  • How to tell a good story and what he learned from journalism
  • Corruption, Parliament House, the things that make us cross
  • Protecting sources
  • Old Farts writing group & Loose Lunches
  • Managing workloads and energy shifts

Brissenden’s advice for other writers is:

Don’t talk about it, just do it.

His recommended debut book is: My War Gone By, I Miss It So by Anthony Loyd

One thought on “Michael Brissenden on journalism, good stories and (our favourite topic) rejection

  1. Listening to the interview yesterday I was struck by the thought that writing about politicians without having to deal with them or their media minders might actually be a relief for Michael.


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