A deep dive: Kate Mildenhall’s The Mother Fault:

It seems fitting that in this our 100th (!!) episode, we do a deep dive into author and co-host Kate Mildenhall’s second novel #theMotherFault. 

A warning: This one’s riddles with spoilers so if you haven’t read the book yet, then a) what is wrong with you and b) I hope you don’t mind knowing Nick dies on the last page. 


Kate Mildenhall is a writer who lives on the outskirts of Melbourne with her family. Her debut novel, SKYLARKING, was published in Australia by Black Inc. in 2016 and in the UK by Legend Press in 2017. Skylarking was longlisted for the Voss Literary Prize 2017 and the Indie Book Awards 2017. Kate has received residencies at Varuna, the Writers House and at Bundanon.

Kate’s second novel, THE MOTHER FAULT, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2020 and Harper Collins in the UK in May 2021.

She’s also co-host of this exact podcast.

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