Conversations with Friends #14: McKinley Valentine and Angus Hervey

This episode of Conversations with Friends is with McKinley Valentine and Angus Hervey.

McKinley Valentine

McKinley Valentine (above) is newsletter-maker and newsletter-evangelist. She makes The Whippet, a collection of interesting bits of history and science, personal digressions, and unsolicited advice. She’s also an emerging fantasy writer – her short fiction has been published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and Seizure.

Twitter: @mckinleaf


NSS 2019 - Ph: Clinical Imaging

Angus Hervey

Angus Hervey is a political economist, and the writer of the Future Crunch email newsletter, a weekly roundup of cutting edge science, mind-blowing technology and good news stories from around the world that you don’t usually hear about in the news.

Twitter: @future_crunch




Show notes

Leah Ginnivan’s Newsletter

Literary and self-aware stories of practising medicine in remote communities.

Autumn Christian’s Teach Robots Love
A weekly newsletter for robots learning how to be human

Jack Druce’s Big & Cool newsletter
A Melbourne comedian with a heart of gold. Good jokes + genuinely insightful introspection.

Sarah Jaffe
Covering the class war one battle at a time…

Small Town Grievances

The minutes of a fictional town hall meeting from a very weird town. Parks & Rec meets Welcome to Night Vale.
The Conversations with Friends series is supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants. 

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