#dothework & Chris Flynn on speaking with mammoths, criticism & famous friends

As the world focusses on the #Blacklivesmatter movement and here in Australia we are reminded, again, of our terrible legacy of Black deaths in custody – we are sharing some books, resources and news sources from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and activists that you can explore if you haven’t already. This is a really small list of individuals and organisations that we follow – we encourage our white listeners to do the work and explore and educate yourself beyond these names. Please share your own recommendations with us and we can help spread the word.


On twitter Summer May Finlay, IndigenousX, Amy McQuire, Evelyn Araluen, Celeste Liddle, Nakkiah Lui, Anita Heiss, Claire G Coleman, Larissa Behrendt, NITV, Koori Mail News, Senator Briggs


Anita Heiss’s recent recommendations in her interview with us

Check out the Blackwords Auslit database

Fire Front – First Nations Poetry Today, Ed Alison Whittaker

Homeland Calling – ed Ellen Van Neerven

Terra Nullius – Claire G Coleman (check out her interview with us in S1)

Our Home, Our Heartbeat – Briggs

The Australian Dream



IndigenousX on Patreon

Or check out the links to a range of funds to support justice for Black deaths in custody in this country.

Then Kate speaks to writer and critic, Chris Flynn.

Chris Flynn is the author of The Glass Kingdom and A Tiger in Eden, which was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Prize. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in The Age, The Australian, Griffith Review, Meanjin, Australian Book Review, The Saturday Paper and many other publications. He has conducted interviews for The Paris Review and is a regular presenter at literary festivals across Australia. Chris lives on Phillip Island, next to a penguin sanctuary. His latest novel is Mammoth, published by UQP.

The discussion covers:

  • the future of festivals
  • writing creative letters of complaint
  • the writing process
  • Elizabeth Gilbert (and our shared fandom)
  • being a critic
  • the research process
  • rejection letters including this one from The New Yorker

Chris’ advice to writers, right now:

  • If you have a book that’s coming out, you must remember you are one of a very select group of people.
  • Write what you know doesn’t necessarily mean write about you.

A debut recommendation:

Under the Skin by Michel Faber

Find out more about Chris on his website or follow his antics on instagram.

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