Pitching and Nick Earls on crushing reviews, the universe and the importance of a good pillow

Batter up!  Let’s talk pitching.  Katherine just pitched her novel (as yet unnamed, to be released next year) to TV and film producers as part of the Queensland Writers Centre’s Adaptable program.  How did it go? The hosts have tips for other people attempting this nerve racking exercise.

Then Katherine talks to award winning and best selling author, Nick Earls.

Nick Earls is the author of twenty seven books, including the bestselling novels Zigzag Street, Bachelor Kisses, Perfect Skin and World of Chickens. His work has been published internationally in English and in translation, and has won awards in the UK and Australia.

The conversation covers:

  • questions from Nick’s podcast The Green Room on ABC RN
  • Nick’s most terrible review ever
  • the role luck plays in book release
  • Australia’s biggest literary divas

The majority of his novels are set in his home town of Brisbane, which has given him a high local profile. He also fronted a major Brisbane tourism campaign.

Follow Nick on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Pitching and Nick Earls on crushing reviews, the universe and the importance of a good pillow

  1. Hi there,

    I love this podcast! Thank you for putting it together, as well as Conversations with Friends.

    You mentioned that you’d post a link to Nick Earls’s podcast The Green Room. Did you ever find one? I can’t find one myself. I’d love to listen to it.

    By the way, back in 2003 I read Nick’s book The Perfect Skin, and afterwards sent him an email to tell him how much I liked it. I also asked him about his writing process. He was kind enough to reply with a very long email, giving me lots of tips, which was so generous of him. I’ve never forgotten the time he took to reply to someone he’d never met.

    I look forward to your podcasts each week (and now twice a week), and get so much out of them. I’ve been working on my second book (forever…!) and still feel like it’s my ‘first time’.

    All the best,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Nigel! Great story about Nick. We’ve popped a link above for Nick’s interview with John Birmingham on The Green Room and you can find other eps from there. Good luck with your second novel – we know the feeling!


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