Conversations with Friends #3: Imbi Neeme and Emilie Collyer

This one’s pretty lovely, guys. We get to hear from writing friends Imbi Neeme and Emilie Collyer, who discuss tattoos, prizes and pineapples.

Imbi Neeme
Imbi Neeme (right) is a writer of long and short fiction. Her novel The Spill won the 2019 Penguin Literary Prize and will be published by Penguin Random House Australia in June 2020. She was the recipient of the 2019 Henry Handel Richardson Fellowship for excellence in short story writing at Varuna, the National Writers’ House. She lives in the west of Melbourne with her partner, kids and largely indifferent pets.

The Spill:

Emilie Collyer
Emilie Collyer (left) lives in Melbourne’s west, where she writes poetry, plays and prose. Her writing has appeared most recently in Australian Poetry Journal, Plumwood Mountain, Cordite, and The Lifted Brow.  Her poetry manuscript Womanish received a 2020 Varuna Publication Introduction Fellowship with Giramondo Publishing. Award-winning plays include Contest, Dream Home and The Good Girl. In 2020 she is starting a PhD in creative writing at RMIT.


4 thoughts on “Conversations with Friends #3: Imbi Neeme and Emilie Collyer

  1. Wow, this was a beauty! I filled a whole page of my notebook – accountability emails, pity parties, adult story time. Many thanks to your generous guests.

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