Lazy Thursday nights and Gerii Pleitez on creativity, writing and Kara Sevda Press

Kate and Katherine catch up on events they’ve been doing.

Katherine hosted a live podcast recording at the launch of Darebin Council’s n-SCRIBE literary magazine.  Check it out here.

Meanwhile, Kate, has been working with Trentham Primary School, helping students write their very own picture books and launching them into the world.  They’re all award winning!

Kate and Katherine talk about the art of the interview.  Kate thinks Sarah Kanowski is the best there is.

Then Katherine speaks with Gerii Pleitez, author of On the Sunday, She Created God  and founder of Kara Sevda Press.

Of Kara Sevda press, Gerii says:

For me, women of colour and first nation women are a segment of our community–both literary and more broadly–that are suffering the most and need more platforms dedicated to them.

Katherine and Gerii talk about:

  • A lack of representation in literature.
  • Why Pleitez started writing her novel.  She was inspired by the words of Toni Morrison:

If there’s a book you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

  • Generating your own PR and ‘the hustle’
  • Kara Sevda’s upcoming projects, including Bleed Baby Bleed.

If you’re a woman of colour or a first nation’s woman, get in touch with Kara Sevda via Instagram, Facebook, or their website. Or, alternately, contact Gerii via Twitter.

Gerii’s debut recommendation is Jamie Marina Lau’s Pink Mountain on Locust Island.  (Incidentally, we’ve interviewed Jamie — listen here.  It’s our most popular episode!)

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